QA engineer- Student position

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אתר OzCode

We’re looking for highly motivated and dedicated QA engineer, with deep coding background to join us!

About OzCode:

OzCode is a revolutionary, patent pending, software development tool, allowing

developers to reduce debugging time and dramatically increase deployment efficiency and quality.

OzCode turns debugging into a simple, efficient and fun experience!

More information can be found at

Job Requirements:

·       CS student- [Must]

·       Familiar with QA methodology, ability to design, write, execute, track and report manual tests – [Must]

·       OO languages- [Must]

·       2+ years’ experience- [Must]

·       Familiar with the C# programming language [An advantage]

·       Excellent English (reading and writing) – Mandatory

·       Developing automation tests [An advantage]

·       Design requirements [An advantage]

·       Familiar with UX designs and principles [An advantage]

·       Tools: Jira/QC/MTM- [An advantage]

·       Logical thinking, attention to details, precision.

·       Excellent interpersonal skills, proactive, able to learn and work independently.


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